Tuesday, May 14, 2019

and who, exactly, will pay for this? probably not the dems...

BloombergMaking America Carbon Neutral Could Cost $1 Trillion a Year

  • Democrats are going all in on green initiatives, but they won’t be easy to pull off.

Democrats from Capitol Hill to the presidential campaign trail see climate change as a winning political issue, and they’re competing to outdo one another with ambitious plans to halt the rise in planet-warming greenhouse gases in the atmosphere over as small as a 10-year period.

But is that even possible?

We’ll have to stop using vehicles powered by internal combustion engines, abandon most electricity produced by coal, and retrofit buildings that use natural gas for cooking and heating. New bio-based fuels for aviation and carbon capture technology for cement factories and chemical refineries will be required. And we’ll probably be eating a lot more vegetarian hamburgers.

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