Saturday, April 9, 2016

Human augmentation continues apace

Softpedia | Samsung Receives Patent for Smart Contact Lenses

Samsung has received a patent in South Korea for interactive contact lenses that can receive or send data to a nearby phone.
According to the patent, the way Samsung's "smart" contact lenses work is by integrating a camera, movement sensors, a transmitter, and a display unit in the lenses' glass.
Smart lenses are controlled by blinking
To take pictures or interact with data displayed on their contact lenses, the user must blink. The motions are picked up by the sensors, and the commands are relayed to the user's phone for processing, with the results being sent back immediately.
The user can stream video or send images to their contact lenses from their smartphone, and send pictures they took with the integrated camera back to their mobile device for storage.
According to some included blueprints, some circuits will be visible in the contact lenses, but they'll be placed towards to glass' edge, not to impede vision or the received images. The patent also includes details about manufacturing methods.

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