Wednesday, November 18, 2015

is there a ph.d. for barista

cbcnews | PBO report warns recent university grads are overeducated, underemployed
Four out of every 10 young workers with a university degree are overqualified for their job in the years after graduation, Canada's Parliamentary Budget Officer has warned.
The PBO's wide-ranging report released Thursday included an analysis of the labour market. One of the report's findings suggested that while recent grads have had trouble finding the first job of their career for decades, the problem may be getting worse.
Last year, 40 per cent of university graduates aged 25-34 were overqualified for their job. Five years ago, that percentage was only 36 per cent. In 1991, it hit a low of 32 per cent, or less than one out of every three university graduates.
The problem is bigger than that, because those young workers spent money, time, and resources to get those qualifications.

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