Sunday, September 27, 2015

il papa and... polyhedrons?

Esquire | Even given the unique context of his current job, the pope on this visit has proven to be moved by a truly democratic sense of the spirit, and a love for the idea of the commons, which he takes to include the survival of the planet. That democratic spirit is wide and ranging in him. It brings him to interesting places. I am willing to bet something substantial that no pope ever has said anything like this: 

If globalization seeks to bring all of us together, but to do so respecting each person, each individual person's peculiarity, that globalization is good and makes us good and grow and leads to peace. I like to use geometry here. If globalization is a sphere, where each point is equidistant from the centre, then it isn't good because it annuls each of us. But if globalization joins us as a polyhedron where we're all together but conserves the dignity of each ... that's good.
Polyhedrons are something of a thing with Papa Francesco who, as Jeb! Bush reminded us, is not a scientist.

St. Corbinian's Bear | Everything You Need to Know About the Franciscan Polyhedron

The Bear does not want his friends to be confused the next time the Pope talks about how the Church is not a boring old sphere, but a fascinating polyhedron. The Bear has scoured the internet for an easy-to-understand and remember explanation for those of us not quite up on our sacred geometry. It all goes back to Plato, who made the modern role-playing industry possible by inventing polyhedrons.

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