Saturday, March 19, 2016

Civilization 2.0: social learning and augmenting to maximize rationality

Global Guerrillas | Instant Learning and the Next Economy
Let's face it.  Human biological evolution is very slow.  Our bodies and minds are roughly the same as they were ten thousand years ago.
That hasn't held us back though.
Thousands of years ago, we learned an unique way to transcend the limits of biological evolution.  We learned that we can rapidly evolve as a group by gathering, storing, and sharing the experiences of individuals.  
Technology has accelerated this process.  It allows us to allocate an increasing percentage of our population to it (from scientists to teachers), more easily gather and store its torrents of information (computers and Moore's law), and share it instantly across the entire globe (the Internet and smartphones).  
However, all of that earlier innovation is child's play compared to what is now possible. With limited AGI, it will be possible to exponentially accelerate the gathering, improvement, and sharing of human understanding.  Here's how this is done in its most basic form (currently called cloud robotics):
  • An AGI learns a task or a concept through experience (this is becoming very easy to do with model free deep learning, Big Data and Big Sim as I pointed out yesterday).
  • That understanding is packaged, uploaded, and stored in the cloud.
  • Any other AGI can download that understanding as needed.
This is clearly a formula for radically accelerating the growth of human experience.  A radical upgrade to the existing process.  

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